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* Most recommended starter clock Isgus TR-S 5000


ECP Time Equipment is an authorized reseller of Isgus, Acroprint, Amano and Lathem time recorders. These manufacturer's offer the widest range of time equipment  and have proven to be the most reliable.  We carry a wide range of Punch Clocks to best meet your companies requirements.  Our knowledgeable staff will assist you to determine which model suits your specific application,  from the most basic of side print recorders for the small to medium sized business to the fully automatic style of time clock, we are confident that our staff will be able to provide cost effective solutions to your time recording requirements. For companies with  under 15 employees or for companies that have never used a time recorder in the past a good starter clock would be the Isgus TR-S 5000 or the Acroprint ES-700. These types of clocks are wall-mounted and print the time and date on a time card. They require very little set up and are very easy to use for employees. If your company requires a clock for employees to record their time as well as ring a bell for shift start/end and breaks, then the entry model that combines these two options would be the Acroprint ES900 or  Amano PIX 3000X, the ES900 and PIX 3000 X are side print type clocks that have the ability to combine an output to ring bells or horns. For companies that have multiple starting times and no set start/end times such as a restaurant or a food service/hospitality facility then the Isgus Model 2030 consecutive clock might be the right clock for you. For larger companies that have set start and end times and have numerous rotating shifts, then a good clock would be the Isgus model 2020 or Amano EX9500  fully automatic Payroll Recorder.  If your company requires a time clock to calculate the hours worked for each employee then the only models which will total on a paper timecard are the Isgus model 2030 or Amano MJR7000 model for under 100 employees or the Isgus Model 2040 or Amano MJR8000 for up to 250 employees.  Please click on more info for more detailed information.


Simple and reliable time and attendance trackingEasy and affordable, the basic NovaTime 1000SBE package includes everything you need to get started: a single-PC, 25-employee edition of the Novatime Small Business Edition time and attendance software, a NT300 proximity badge terminal with50 foot communications cable and a starter pack of 20 proximity badges. Employees simply punch in and out using the included badges and terminal or on a designated PC.



Employee Payroll is the single largest recurring expense of most businesses. A company with just 20 people averaging $30,000.00 in salary spends over $600,000.00 annually.
By purchasing an automated system that ensures that your employees pay policies are enforced every minute of the day, and eliminates all manual calculation errors you can save up to 5% on your overall annual payroll.
For a company with an annual payroll of $600,000.00 this would represent a savings of  $30,000.00 each year!

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7000 master clock system runs 50 clocks and bells off of single zone. Easy to use, “plug & play” low voltage system—requires minimal set up time and little if any electrical support. The system can support up to 300 events and is expandable to 4 bell zones. This system includes a Master clock terminal, software, 50' cable, mounting bracket, and an instruction manual.


We have a computer-based master clock control for your digital display clocks and bell ringer. You no longer need to use an outdated time clock to sound your break buzzers. Our pc-based solution allows for total synchronization of your horns, digital clocks or analog wall clocks to your computer network. Imagine having all of your employees working on the same synchronized network, all of your bells ringing simultaneously as your analog wall clocks strike 5:00 PM! This is now an affordable reality and it is all available with a simple connection to your PC's serial port!

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For companies that do not have a punch clock to ring start of shift or lunch and coffee breaks we have a line of programmable timers which can handle any switching arrangement.  In most industrial locations there are multiple shift START/END times with different schedules depending on the day of week, most commercially sourced program timers (those from hardware stores or department box stores) do not have the capability to have more than 6 to 8 ON/OFF events per day and the schedule can not be different from one day to the next,  our timer can have up to 400 ON/OFF or PULSE events per week with a different bell schedule for every day of the week.  If you have a bell ringing requirement that cannot be accommodated by a hardware store timer then this timer is for you!  This program timer is truly the most FLEXIBLE 7 day 365 day a year  timer on the market, if you require a bell or signal to ring automatically at pre-determined times then this one circuit timer will provide your company with the most flexibility and convenience of any timer available today, we also carry 2 and 4 circuit model for companies that want to switch more than 1 circuit at a time.




The Interlude Coffee Lunch Break timer is designed to be manually activated by pressing a BREAK or LUNCH button when the break begins, it then uses a countdown timer to signal when break is finished.  Unlike the program timer from above which is programmed to ring at the same time every day, the Interlude break timer only starts timing when one of its buttons is pressed thereby activating a pre-programmed countdown timer.  This countdown timer was developed for industry because in industry most lunch breaks and coffee breaks are dependant on a coffee truck driver showing up and sounding his/her horn to start break, the problem with this method is that no one is timing the breaks so employees usually drift back to work only when a supervisor remembers to tell them. 





The Interlude IT-99C-1 is combination of both the ET-1 & IT-99A timers providing both types of timed events in a one box solution. The timer can be programmed to ring a bell or horn at predetermined times each day, the timer also has the ability to act at the same time as a manualy activated countdown timer. 



We offer a full selection of signal devices for use in industrial  signalling applications for factory bells and horns.  From Industrial bells, horns and buzzers to extra loud motor driven sirens for use in very noisy applications.  Operating voltages include standard 120 VAC (North American line voltage) , low voltage 24 VAC and 12 VDC.  


We carry a full line of metal racks from time card racks to metal literature and displays racks.  ECP Time Equipment distributes high quality metal racks from suppliers like Vic's Time and Buddy products, these made in USA products have superior quality and offer a wide range of models and styles to choose from.  For the customer that needs a specific time card rack to a customer who requires a custom made Work Order rack, we can provide the exact rack for each application.  All racks are available in a variety of colors and sizes, please call us if you have a specific application and we will be more than happy to work with you to come up with a rack that fits with your needs. We also have Oak display racks and wall mounted or floor standing display racks.  For retail or service applications we have 3-sided and 4-sided rotating work order and job ticket racks. 



We carry a full line of time cards for most major brands of time recorder or punch clock,  if your company has a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay period we have a card that will work.  We also stock time cards for the calculating time machines such as the Amano MJR series and the Simplex electronic time recorders.  For companies using Job cards to record time spent on specific duties, we carry various job cards and job tickets.  Please fax us a copy of your  current time card and our friendly staff will match the card for you and SAVE YOU MONEY on your next purchase!



We carry a full line of time recorder ribbons and time clock parts, and have the knowledgeable service staff to be able to assist customers with re-ordering time recorder parts. Parts for some of the most popular brands of punch clocks such as Amano, Acroprint, Lathem ad Simplex are stocked in our service shop. We also carry parts for some of the old, discontinued and less popular brands such as Cincinatti, Rapidprint, Stromberg and Widmer.




We are currently working on a TIME CLOCK ARCHIVE LIBRARY to document some of the time clock models that have been made over the past 100 years, this is an on-going project and we invite your input here, if you have pictures of older style clocks please let us know and we will add them to our archive section.  Please let us know if there are any mistakes as to date of manufacture or model type, we would like to make this section as accurate as possible.


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