PC-1 Signal Controller

We have a computer-based master clock control for your digital display clocks and bell ringer. You no longer need to use an outdated time clock to sound your break buzzers. Our pc-based solution allows for total synchronization of your horns, digital clocks or analog wall clocks to your computer network. Imagine having all of your employees working on the same synchronized network, all of your bells ringing simultaneously as your analog wall clocks strike 5:00 PM! This is now an affordable reality and it is all available with a simple connection to your PC's serial port!


  • 2 Relay Outputs Five levels of scheduling per relay Sixty events per level 1 to 60 second signal duration
  • Flexible scheduling (Sun. through Sat.)
  • To-the-second accuracy
  • Server or Stand-alone PC controller
  • Easy software interface
  • Allows for correction signaling of wired synchronous secondary wall clock
  • For Use on Windows 98SE,2000,or XP Workstations and Windows 2000 or 2003 server
  • Each Kit Includes: Signal Synchronizer, 6 foot RS-232 Communications Cable, AC Power Adaptor, Bell Signal Software


Additional Information:

  • Weight: 1.4 lb