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Timer controls factory bells and signal control for start stop of break times and lunch times

Break Timer, Coffee break timer, Lunch break timer, Timer to control length of time taken for breaks

Break Timer Lunch Break Timer

Manually Activated-Programmable Timer Model IT-99C-1
In most industrial facilities coffee breaks and lunch breaks are dependant on a coffee truck, when the coffee truck guy shows up he usually sounds his horn and the break begins, one the most common problems from this proceedure is that the breaks do not always start at the same time from day to day.  With the Interlude timer the break time does not begin until the coffee  truck driver actually presses the break or lunch button, this saves you money because employees will not wait around anticipating the arrival of the lunch truck.  At the end of the specified break another bell/horn sounds signifying end of break. 
Break Timer allows user to select signal times for coffee breaks and lunch breaks.  Coffee break times from 2 to 36 minutes, and lunch breaks from 5 to 60 minutes can be selected depending on your companies policy, programming is simple by selecting ON/OFF of  internal dip switches.  Timer has 2 surface mounted buttons to press for activation of timer.  When either "BREAK" or "LUNCH" button is pressed a bell/horn will sound, and the timer's L.E.D. display will display the length of duration of the break.  Timer will count down in  one minute increments until 1 minute left and then a short warning bell/horn will sound to signify approaching end of break, at 00 minutes to go another bell/horn will sound to signify end of break.  The timer will reset each time a button is pressed.
Timer can be wall mounted, and operates off regular line voltage.  Output   is 24 volt AC to bell or any other low voltage signal device, unit comes ready to use just attach horn wire to internal terminal strip. 
Case comes complete with lock and 2 case keys.
Overall size: 7" wide X 7" high X 2 1/2" deep. 
Weight: 4 lbs

Interlude Coffee Break timer

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Bell Data Sheet 

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Sample Program for Fixed Signal times & Flexibe Break/Lunches

Company has a shift that starts at 7:00 am to 4:00pm Mon to Fri

they require a 5 minute warning buzzer 5 minutes prior to shift stop, the company has two 15 minute coffee breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, they also have one 30 minute lunch break. Breaks and Lunnch start only when the coffee/lunch truck arrives.

here is how the combined timer will work

The 7 day timer function will be programmed to automatically ring a signal at

7:00am 3:55pm and 4:00pm this will occur Mon to Fri

The "BREAK" button wil be preset for 15 minutes, when the lunch truack arrives , the BREAK button is pressed there by activating the 15 minute countdown timer , the timer will ring a signal when pressed then again after the timer reaches 00 minute, this procedure is repeated for the 2nd Break.

For the Lunch Break the "LUNCH" button is preset for 30 minutes duration, when the lunch truck arrives the LUNCH button is pressed and the timer rings a signal and then again at the end of the 30 minute duration.


We have a full line of Bells to choose from.  We have a 6 inch 24VAC  bell, sound output 82 dB, or a 10 inch 24  VAC bell, sound output 89dB

Note:Most background noise in a warehouse facility, with tow motor and general light duty machines is from 60 to 75 dB
heavy machinery, saws, stamping machines, grinders  generally the noise associated with this type of operation ranges from 75 dB to 90 dB

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