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7 Day  Programmable  Digital  Timer
 Programmable digital  timer, functions as a lunch break timer, coffee break timer, break timer, 7 day 24 hour  programmable timer for
 factory bells and horns,  for shift start and shift stop  bells and or hornsThe most flexible timer for ringing bells and horns.
 Replaces popular timers such as Paragon, Omron and  Tork.

Model ET-1
Frequently Asked Questions

Model ET-1
This digital  timer  provides to-the-minute programming for 7-day or full year load control  of factory bells and horns. A user selectable clock format for 12 hour AM/PM or 24 hour is provided. Full year control features include up to 99 different "holidays" each of which can be programmed for any duration. Any holiday or holiday duration can be left for "no load activity" or programmed for a unique load activity. Fully automatic daylight saving time adjustment, with user selectable override, and automatic leap year adjustment are also standard on the ET series. Weekly programming provides single step weekday and weekend programming to simplify typical 5/2 day load control. An automatic review feature enables quick easy review of all programmed data.
Flexible load control is enhanced by Astro, Pulse and Interval options as required for outdoor lighting control, bell ringing and after hours temporary override respectively. These options can be combined, for example, to provide Astro switching with a Pulse output for outdoor lighting using a latching contactor. Each of these options is selected and programmed by the installer using a unique "self-prompting" display with LED indicators dedicated to each option.
A non-volatile memory maintains all programmed switching times for the life of the time switch. A factory installed field replaceable lithium battery maintains accurate time keeping and calendar information for a minimum of 8 years. The self contained logic board is shielded and utilizes advanced circuit board layout techniques and state of the art micro components to eliminate problems related to electrical noise interference. Transient protection for up to 6,000 volts is provided by the power board. These time switches are housed in a lockable steel enclosure.

Model Circuits Switch Clock Voltage Load Rating
ET-1 1 SPDT 120/208/240/277  20 Amps
ET-2 2 SPDT 120/208/240/277 20 Amps 
coffe timer Lunch Timer / Break Timer / Coffee Break Timer
In most industrial facilities coffee breaks and lunch breaks are dependant on a coffee truck, when the coffee truck guy shows up he usually sounds his horn and the break begins, one the most common problems from this procedure is that the breaks do not always start at the same time from day to day.  With the Interlude timer the break time does not begin until the coffee  truck driver actually presses the break or lunch button, this saves you money because employees will not wait around anticipating the arrival of the lunch truck.  At the end of the specified break another bell/horn sounds signifying end of break.

Model Circuits Switch Clock Voltage
IT-99A 1 SPDT operates on 24 VAC 120VAC
IT-99C-1 1 SPDT operates on 24 VAC 120VAC

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7 Day Programmable Industrial  Timers for all Applications  ET-1 programmable bell timer