Are the elements eating into your profits?

Crash Wrap - THE ORIGINAL self-adhesive weather barrier film. Seals out rain, dirt, and snow. Each roll is 200 feet long with light tack adhesive on one side. Prevents interior damage to vehicles, easy for one person to install, and no tape or strings needed. The plastic is specially treated to resist sunlight damage for up to one year. When removed, the adhesive comes off clean with the plastic and now improved with cold weather adhesion. Also available in 30 inch width.

For as little as $ 0.30 per sq/ft

  • Will not leave residue on service areas when removed

  • Sticks aggressively yet is easily repositionable and can be applied to frozen body surfaces

  • Remained on test vehicle/parts for 15 months without deteriorating

  • Cover an average side window for 2 dollars or less

  • Save time by eliminating adhesive tapes/duct tape






Crash wrap Specification Sheet

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Directions For Use

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  • Tough, Flexible and self-adhesive

  • Easy to Use

  • The light tack adhesive will not stick to itself

  • Available in 24" or 30" yellow or 30" clear



Other Uses:

bullet Cover bare metal and body filler during storage
bullet Cover missing or broken sunroofs
bullet Cover open areas of freshly painted vehicle
bullet Cover interior surfaces during repairs. (dashboards, CD players, Carpet, etc)
bullet Use as an aid to remove broken glass


Product is shipped directly from the warehouse/manufacturer in Illinois

Product ID/Description Price: 1 to 3 rolls(200 foot roll)
CW 324 yellow film 3.5 mil thickness 24 inch wide
$110.00 US per roll
CW 330 yellow film 3.5 mil thickness 30 inch wide $135.00 US per roll
CW 530 clear film   5.0 mil thickness 30 inch wide $145.00 US per roll

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