Mechanics 3-Part Time Tickets

ITEM #: TT-102/Daily Time Ticket
Format: 3 Part Carbon
Style: Peel 'n' Stick
Size: 4 1/4" X 9 3/4"
Packaged: 1000/ctn
Weight: 11 Kgs.
Matching Rack: #166

1 Carton
2 Cartons
3 Cartons +

This is a 3 part carbon form used by mechanics to record length of time spent on jobs. The first copy has 9 Peel & Stick tear off labels which can be affixed to work orders.  Mechanics punch on and off  on the right hand margin labeled ON/OFF using a time clock.  The time stamp will show through all copies.
Second copy is pink in color and is labeled "OFFICE COPY" for accounting records and the last copy is labeled "EMPLOYEE COPY" and is  intended for use by the mechanics for his daily time records.

(card shown not actual size)