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Slip-N-Grip automotive seat covers, floor mats parts bag and steering wheel covers work beautifully and pull you ahead of the competition.  customers equate smooth, transparent plastic with fresh, clean protection.  when installed in sight of customers, slip-N-Grip coverage products immediately soothe frayed nerves and satisfy customers' important cleanliness  expectations.

Plastic Floor Mats

Slip-N-Grip floor mats keep customers carpets clean without bunching up under brake and accelerator pedals.  Service staff never waste time shifting them back in place.  ordinary floor mats rarely give more than superficial protection against dirt, grease and grime.
Slip-N-Grip floor mats form a complete plastic barrier.  They don't soak through and don't fall apart when things get wet.  These mats can be dispensed from our custom box or directly off our floor or wall rack.

Item #: CM-P Plastic Floor Mats
Size: 16 1/4" X 21"
Ink: Blue
Packaging: 500/roll
Weight: 5 kg.
1 Roll
2 Rolls+

Plastic Seat Covers

Bench  and bucket seats of all sizes are covered by Slip-N-Grip seat covers.  Their generous size allows complete coverage.  a brush of the hand conforms them to any seat contour.  Slip-N-Grip won't shift out of place and expose upholstery even when service work takes many vehicle entries.  Customers can see they're getting dependable coverage.
Seat covers come individually folded in a dispenser box or  on  a tidy continuous roll, perforated to pull apart easily from our spring-loaded tension bars on our dispensing  rack

Slip N Grip Plastic Seat Covers

Economy Style -
Preferred use in all passenger cars

Item # SC-101R  packaged 500 per roll
Weight: 20 lbs.
Thickness: 0.5 mil.

Size: Fits All Single Seats - Use Two for Bench Seat
Construction: Two Ply Plastic

Item # SC-101R
1 Roll
2 Rolls+

Standard Style
-  approx. 3 " longer than Economy Style. Preferred with Trucks, Buses, Rv's as well as Cars

Item # SC-101C packaged 250 per carton or Item # SC-250R packaged 250 per roll
Weight: 10 lbs.
Thickness: 0.7 mil.
Item # SC-101C                                  Item # SC-250R
1 Carton 
2 Cartons +
1 Roll 2 Rolls +
$67.95/Roll $62.95/Roll

Plastic Tire Bags

Item #: TB-300 Plastic Tire Bags
Format: Fits all passenger tires
Construction: Heavy Gauge Plastic
Packaging: 250/roll
Weight: 4 kg.
1 Roll
2 Rolls+
Steering Wheel Covers
Item # SW-200C - Reusable/Disposable Steering Wheel Cover
Construction: Clear Polyethylene with Stretch Elastic Grip
Packaging: 500/carton
Weight: 4 kg.
1 Carton
2 Cartons+

Parts Bags

Item # PB-01 - Parts Bag
Protect your customers' cars when you transport or return parts in heavy duty bags.  See through plastic lets you show and clearly explain where parts were worn or damaged, without any mess.
Packaging: 500/roll
Weight: 4 kg.
1 Roll
2 Rolls+

Slip-N-Grip Steel Dispensers

Wall Mount
Item # SNG-W-2 Custom Wall Rack

This unique wall mounted rack fits just about any place in a shop.  Ideal for shops with limited space or as a second dispenser system in remote areas, such as the body shop.  Spring tension bar holds floor mats and parts bags in place preventing over pulls.  Self dispensing seat cover box and steering wheel covers rest nicely on top of the rack.  This rack holds everything the floor dispenser does with the exception of tire bags.  Tube steel construction for years of valuable use.
Slip-N-Grip Wall (rack only):  $134.95 ea.

Combine the wall rack in our starter kit and save for more information on our starter kit click on the starter kit link below.

Floor Mount
Item # SNG-FL-2 Slip-N-Grip Custom Floor Dispenser Rack

Slip-N-Grip Floor Rack (rack only):  $189.95 ea

Combine the floor rack in our starter kit and save for more information on our starter kit click on the starter kit link below.

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