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Adhesive Plastic Floor Mats
New! Plastic Adhesive Floor mats from Slip and Grip manufacturer, ideal for new and used car lots where longer protection is required.  This adhesive backed plastic mat sticks to the cars carpet floor mat and provides outstanding protection from water, salt, dirt and grime.  On a car lot where repetitive entries and exits can increase cleanup and detailing costs, this new product will keep floor mats in showroom condition for up to 30 days.  Plastic mat is imprinted with " Dealer Must Remove protective Cover" and shows prospective buyers that care has been taken to keep car clean.  Product used in conjunction with special dispenser rack which can be wall mounted or floor mounted.
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Item #: AF-175 Adhesive Plastic Floor Mats
Size: 24" wide X  21" long  3 mil thick perforated for easy tear off
Ink: Black
Imprint: "
Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover"
Packaging: 175/roll  or 300 feet
Weight: 5 kg.
1 Roll
 2 Rolls +

When product is installed on top of cars  factory supplied  floor mats, provides outstanding protection from all weather related elements.  Bottom layer is coated with a very aggressive adhesive that  will not peel loose, when applied correctly the mat lays flat without any creases or air pockets and looks very professional and almost like factory supplied.  Top side of mat is coated with a special coating which allows customers feet to slide along mat surface.  Easy Clean up product last for up to 30 days !

Adhesive Plastic Floor Mat Dispenser Rack
 Item #: AF-DR 24" Dispenser Rack for AF-175
Grey Metal construction with spring loaded tear off bar
Weight: 2 kg.
Price: $48.95 ea

Adhesive Plastic Floor Mat Starter Kit
Item # AF-1  Adhesive Floor Mat Starter Kit 
Includes 2 rolls of 175 Full adhesive backed protective floor mats and 1 dispenser rack.
Floor mats are imprinted with Slip-N-Grip logo and the words "
Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover" .   Dispenser is designed to be wall mounted or floor mounted.

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